Faster, Free Wi-Fi in Every Suite

Stay connected with family, friends and colleagues
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While our wi-fi has always been free, it’s now even faster. Whether you’re enjoying some much-needed face time with family, managing your inbox or streaming your favorite show to relax at the end of a long day, we’ve increased our bandwidth to make it even easier for you.

Need More Bandwidth?

We know that you may need more bandwidth while working remotely or video chatting with family and friends. When you upgrade to our enhanced high-speed bandwidth, you’ll experience up to four-times (4x) faster internet speeds. Upgrading is easy, and you’ll be able to charge any enhanced service right to your credit card. Just login to our free wi-fi network from your room to see our enhanced internet service offering and pricing.

With faster, free wi-fi in every suite, we make it easy to stay connected with family, friends and colleagues.

Everything you need to work, dine and relax.