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savve traveler

Marcey Rader, the Savve Travel Expert® for Extended Stay America Hotels, specializes in helping business travelers climb the professional ladder without sacrificing health and productivity. A former corporate road warrior with degrees and certifications in health, wellness and productivity, Marcey coaches individuals and businesses so that they can Work Well and Play More®. She has a holistic approach that focuses on:

  • finding movement opportunities throughout the day, even at work
  • eating for energy and avoiding pound-packing when traveling
  • managing your email inbox and calendar to maximize work productivity


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Healthy Work Productivity Hotel Sleep Hacks

Several tips on time management for email and meetings – don’t mindlessly accept meeting requests and respond / react to emails all day. Learn about why you need a stand up desk!

Get a peaceful night’s sleep in any hotel with these easy and full-proof methods to help you block out unwanted noise, light and subdue restlessness.

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Watch -video -now -CTA-green Watch -video -now -CTA-green

Opportunities for Movement

Avoid Pound Packing

You can squeeze in mini-workouts throughout your workday by using “triggers”. You can also get a full body workout in your hotel room with little to no equipment except your own body weight and a bath towel or yoga mat.

86 percent of travelers reported gaining an average of up to 3 pounds when away from home for 2 weeks or more, a term dubbed “pound packing.” Chose hotels with fully-equipped kitchens and a full-size fridge so you can store your own healthy groceries.


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