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free wi-fi

No need to find a coffee shop or head to the lobby—we’re happy to provide you with free wireless internet access right in your room so you can keep up with your emails, check in with Facebook, or browse the web to find out what’s happening whenever you want.

Sometimes, though, you may need a little more internet oomph, say if you wanted to video chat with family or friends, or needed to be on a VPN for business. When you upgrade to our High Speed Enhanced bandwidth, you’ll experience up to 4x faster internet speeds to make these types of communication smoother. Upgrading is easy and you’ll be able to charge any enhanced service to your credit card. Login to our wi-fi network while in your room to see our enhanced service offering and pricing.

We know how important it is to stay connected and hope you enjoy either our free Wi-Fi or our enhanced high-speed internet service.